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Our Approach

SaaS-based Cloud Delivery Model

The Retail Loop LoopSuite™ is provided as a service from our cloud platform, meaning you can get on with realising the advantages we provide instead of maintaining physical hardware, taking backups or applying updates.

Web-based applications

Optimized for mobile platforms like the iPad but also compatible with standard desktop browsers. Built using the latest HTML5 and Javascript techniques.

iOS mobile applications

Compatible with both iPhone and iPad, our 'My Store' and 'My Region' applications allow store and regional managers fast and rich access to the LoopSuite™ platform, posting pictures, creating actions and accessing the latest information in real-time. Our applications communicate over encrypted connections to the LoopSuite™ cloud platform.

Highly scalable

Built on a cloud platform, the LoopSuite™ is designed to scale transparently with demand, from one client to thousands.

Highly available

Architected for high availability through the use of redundancy and backups, our solution has achieved over 99.999% uptime in production. We keep our systems secure, up to date and backed up so that you don't have to.

Quick to implement

Whether buying new devices, or deploying to existing devices company or employee owned, our solution can be running within your organisation in mere days, with no need for high IT overheads.

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